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This Viral Twitter Thread of Under-$10 LA Sandwiches Is the Only Good Internet Left

From Banh Mi My Tho in Alhambra to the iconic French dip, one Twitter user is going viral for showcasing the best of LA’s less-expensive sandwiches

Philippe’s, a French dip restaurant, with red tables and a hand dipping a sandwich into jus.
The classic French Dip
Wonho Frank Lee

A lengthy thread showcasing great sub-$10 sandwiches around Southern California has taken Twitter by storm in the past 24 hours, because as the original poster Jonathan Kramer says: F*ck a $15 sandwich.

In reality it’s certainly okay (and in some instances, preferable) to offer a sandwich that costs more than $10 — to say nothing of the implications of ‘cheap’ food and low-wage labor — but that’s not really the point of the positive thread, which showcases more than two dozen sandwiches from across the style spectrum and the city. Some highlights include the number eight charbroiled pork sandwich at Alhambra’s famed banh mi shop Banh Mi My Tho, described as “the best sandwich in LA County at any price,” and the $9.25 beef dip at Philippe’s. “I’m a fan of the rival dip at Cole’s,” says Kramer in the thread, “but no restaurant with a speakeasy is making this list.”

In all, yesterday’s explosion of a Twitter thread calls out more than 25 different sandwiches across greater Los Angeles, from the sub-$6 grinders at the 63-year-old diner Connal’s in Pasadena, to the $9 tri-tip sandwich at Handy Market in Burbank, available only on the weekends.

Since going up less than 24 hours ago, the original tweet has garnered over 10,000 retweets and nearly 100,000 likes. Others have begun to chime in with their own sub-$10 selections, including options like the feta sandwich from Porto’s and vegetarian wraps from Hy Mart in North Hollywood. Man, Los Angeles really is a hell of a sandwich town.

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