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Got Stories to Tell in Your Neighborhood? Eater LA Wants to Hear From You

Eater LA seeks new freelancers for San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, and beyond. Here’s what to know

Are you a neighborhood insider with a breadth of knowledge on delicious restaurants, pop-ups, and Instagram hustles (or more importantly, places with great stories to tell) in your part of Los Angeles? Are you the one most of your friends turn to when they need a local dining recommendation? Do you want to tell stories of the people, personalities, and places that define your community? Eater wants to hear from you.

As Eater LA continues to publish breaking news, restaurant openings, deeper feature-length reporting, and underground in-the-know stories, we strive to bring fresh voices and regional specificity to the forefront of what we do. And while we’re currently a small but mighty in-house team of journalists, reporters, photographers, and storytellers, we’re always eager to branch out deeper into communities with writers who want to spotlight their specific perspective on LA and its diverse culture within the larger dining landscape. If you’re deep in the know in the San Fernando Valley, if you’ve got connections in greater South LA, if you know what’s good in the broad Inland Empire, if you have tips and tricks up your sleeve for Bakersfield, Orange County, Ventura, and beyond … well, drop us a line.

We’re always interested in talking, we pay competitively for freelance work based on scope and experience, and we like to tell many different kinds of stories. Those interested should send a quick email to with some details about who they are and where they are, no resume or super formal pitch process needed — though including a link to some kind of previous writing online (even a small blog or Medium post) is ideal. Know someone who you think might be a good fit for just such an opportunity? Pass this call along to them. We’re always looking for hungry people.