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Popular Thai Restaurant Night + Market Catches Fire in Silver Lake, Closing ‘For a While’

Plus, a new app that melds food videos and restaurants, and a tour of Little Armenia bakeries

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Night + Market Song, Silver Lake.
Night + Market Song, Silver Lake.
Elizabeth Daniels
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A small electrical fire at Night + Market took place a few nights ago, causing minor damage and leading to the popular Silver Lake Thai restaurant’s indefinite but hopefully temporary closure. Co-owner Sarah St. Lifer, who opened the restaurant with husband and chef Kris Yenbamroong, said the LA fire department was able to limit the damage of the fire, though the incident will mean the place will be closed “for a while.” Also, because it happened in the middle of the night, no one was hurt from the blaze. Yenbamroong and St. Lifer say Night + Market in West Hollywood and Venice will continue to operate as scheduled. Earlier this year, the duo opened Night + Market inside the Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas.

In other news:

  • LA Magazine has a nice tour of the bakeries in Little Armenia, capped off with this excellent passage by writer Danny Palumbo: “For everybody who moved here and fell flat on their face; for those poor souls who amassed credit card debt, got evicted, got towed, and piled up parking tickets, there’s a deliciously cheap meal that can heal you. Bad credit score? Get after some cabbage piroshki. No idea where next month’s rent money is coming from? Grab a buttery cheese beorek for just a handful of quarters. These bakeries, unassuming yet mighty, are the pillars of Little Armenia.”
  • Discovery Plus’s Well Done has an episode with Slab Barbecue’s Burt Bakman:
  • Spectrum News has an article on an app called Jybe that’s helping LA restaurants change their takeout packaging to more sustainable materials.
  • In other LA tech news, a startup called Mustard is helping to meld TikTok-style videos with food, giving users a way to order dishes they see right from the platform. Currently only on iOS, it’s a way for content creators to monetize their work while giving users a way to directly access the food they’re watching on their phones. Right now there are already 8,000 local restaurants uploaded to Mustard’s database, including L’Antica da Michele in Hollywood. Think of the app as a way for restaurants to more directly capture revenue from “becoming viral” on TikTok.
Mustard app on iOS
Mustard app on iOS
  • Salt Bae aka Nusr-et is dealing with some lawsuits due to alleged labor violations at the famous chef’s New York City restaurant, according to Eater NY. Chef Nusret Gökçe opened a steakhouse in Beverly Hills earlier this year.

Night + Market Song

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