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Britney Spears Wrote a Restaurant Review of Catch LA

Plus, a dine-and-dash gone very wrong, and an appreciation for gimbap

Now! 99.7 Triple Ho Show 7.0
Singer Britney Spears performs during the Now! 99.7 Triple Ho Show 7.0 at SAP Center on December 3, 2016 in San Jose, California.
Photo by C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Britney Spears is back dining out in Los Angeles. The singer-songwriter posted via Instagram what appears to be a meal at West Hollywood celebrity hotspot Catch LA. The post is a celebratory one considering Spears’ recent release from her highly publicized conservatorship. Starting in 2008, Spears’ life, career, and finances were controlled by her father and attorneys. That conservatorship officially ended in November 2021. And Spears is enjoying a night on the town, one of her first, she says, as a “free woman.”

Back at Catch LA, Spears wrote details about the food, space, and her overall dining experience, just as any restaurant reviewer would do. She breaks down everything in a multiple-page post starting with the salad: “It was nice, cold, lettuce on my tongue, yet crunchy and the cheese was different.” She offered a critique about the bathroom: “I wanted to stay in the bathroom forever!!!” She also drank her first glass of wine in 13 years. The verdict? “It made me want to cry, so I did! I cried over food in this beautiful restaurant,” she said.

Check Spears’ entire post below. Whether a fan or not, the post stars Catch LA’s smash cake reveal, which is pretty satisfying.

Dine-and-dash plus a hit-and-run

Click over to L.A. Taco to read the full story about a couple fleeing Ragin Cajun Cafe & Moonshine Bar without paying their bill. There’s video, too, which shows the restaurant manager being hit by the alleged perpetrator’s vehicle — as he tried to prevent them from leaving the Redondo Beach spot. The manager sustained minor injuries.

Actor Peter Dante flips out over no mask policy in Koreatown

Peter Dante — best known for appearing in Adam Sandler films — ranted at a Quarters Korean BBQ employee who denied him entry for refusing to wear a mask. TMZ secured video of the January 3 incident.

Pasta in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Magazine dove into a handful of the city’s pasta makers and what makes them special. It’s a solid roundup with a little dig thrown to Eater LA. (Don’t worry, this list still stands.)

Love for gimbap

LAist writer Jenny Jin detailed the pleasures of gimbap, a “seaweed-wrapped roll of seasoned rice, beef and pickled daikon radish.”

Catch LA

8715 Melrose Avenue, , CA 90069 (323) 347-6060