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Maui’s Best Hawaiian Shave Ice Just Landed its First Mainland Store in Los Feliz

Plus, the LA mayoral candidates’ favorite restaurants, a Filipino-inspired barbecue, and more

A rainbow covered shave ice cup and an orange-pink shave ice cup with cubes of white mochi on top.
Keiki and Sunset Beach cones at Ululani’s.
Jean Trinh

Ululani’s, an extremely popular Hawaiian shave ice chain from Maui, has expanded to the mainland with its first location in the most unlikely place — inside a Los Feliz art supply store. The sweets shop, which opened on October 15, takes up a diminutive 175 square-foot corner of Blue Rooster Art Supplies at 4661 1/2 Hollywood Boulevard.

Nick Gallo, who had already been running Blue Rooster for 15 years, franchised Ululani’s from the family-run business. (Ululani’s first opened in 2008 and has since grown to eight locations throughout Hawaii.) During Gallo and his wife’s frequent visits to Maui to see family, he fell in love with the brand that makes incredibly fine shave ice with a snow-like texture, and syrups made with pure cane sugar, ultra-purified water, natural fruit purees and juices, and concentrates. The menu boasts an impressively long list of syrups, from ube to Thai tea and more classic flavors, as well as toppings like fresh mochi, sweetened condensed milk, and toasted coconut.

The seed of the idea for opening an Ululani’s started in jest. “I was joking with my wife one day [and said], ‘I forgot to tell you, I’m going to open an Ululani’s in LA,’” says Gallo. “Because I said it out loud, I Googled ‘franchise Ululani’s.” And the rest is history.

Ululani’s is open daily from noon to 8 p.m.

Inside a store with a long white counter and wooden rafters showing.
Inside the new Ululani’s.
Jean Trinh

Karen Bass and Rick Caruso’s favorite restaurants

With the midterm elections happening today, it’s apropos that Evan Lovett, the host of the LA in a Minute TikTok that looks into the city’s history, interviewed both Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. He got the two LA mayoral candidates to divulge their favorite restaurants. Bass is apprarently a fan of Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles, while Caruso favors Al & Bea’s Mexican Food.

Roy Choi gives a shout-out to Danny Boy’s

On chef Roy Choi’s vlog series, the Kogi BBQ owner and Broken Bread host most recently gave some love to Danny Boy’s pizza with a visit and taste test. Choi even went into his long history with the pizza-maker Daniel Holzman, with some juicy details about their once-contentious relationship.

Smorgasburg is looking for new vendors

The team at Smorgasburg, Downtown’s weekly Sunday food market, is searching for new vendors for its holiday market and 2023 lineup. Find out how to apply here.

A Koreatown food hall is sold

What was once the Koreatown food hall Platform 35 at 3500 Wilshire — a home to restaurants like Guisados, the 8th Notch, and Lingho Chinese Cuisine — will potentially become an affordable housing site after the building’s recent sale to a new owner, reports What Now Los Angeles.

Filipino-inspired barbecue collaboration in the works

Andrew Marco of sandwich shop Open Market is teaming up with pie maven Edlyne Nicolas of Laroolou for a “Country Grammar” meal that reimagines the concept of American barbecue through the eyes of two Filipino chefs. The $90 dinner for two includes dishes like sinigang barbecue ribs, slaw with crispy rice and Pinakurat vinegar, and a chocolate-butterscotch-pecan pie. The meal starts at $90, with an option to add wine pairings for $20 more, and can be picked up the evening of November 17.


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