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Michelin Awards Stars to 8 New Los Angeles Restaurants for 2022

From big winners to sad departures, here’s everything to know about the Michelin awards ceremony

An assortment of pastry and brunch dishes on a white tablecloth at Camphor in Los Angeles, California.
A full table of food at Camphor.
Stan Lee
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Clear skies meant lots of stars for Los Angeles tonight, as the Michelin Guide doled out one- and two-star awards to a slew of restaurants in a live (and hard-to-hear) ceremony with very repetitive celebration music at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Dozens of Los Angeles area restaurants received the coveted accolade, while some restaurants actually saw their stars disappear.

Depending on one’s feelings around the Michelin Guide, the night was either a post-ish-pandemic triumph for Los Angeles’s ascendant dining scene or an evening filled with awards for mostly high-end restaurants that may not reflect the way that Angelenos really eat. The Big Red Book has always struggled to distill Angeleno dining habits into stars, relying more on Bib Gourmand acknowledgments for casual restaurants instead. As a result, the evening’s big new winners included places like Camphor in the Arts District, the buzzy French bistro from a duo of Alain Ducasse alums that also emerged as one of Eater LA’s restaurant award winners this year. On the live stream, chefs from across California came to celebrate the recognition (the best hat of the night award goes to Hatchet Hall’s Wes Whitsell).

Addison in Del Mar (20 miles north of San Diego) was among the evening’s biggest winners, netting three stars, the highest possible Michelin Guide honor. Addison is one of seven three-star Michelin restaurants in the entire state. The full list of Michelin star-holders for California can be found here, including the newer green stars which denote restaurants that focus on sustainability.

Inside the kitchen at Manzke restaurant with cooks building a dish, in black and white.
The team at work inside Manzke.
Wonho Frank Lee

While newcomers certainly earned the spotlight, lots of local restaurants, like Kato, Kali, Maude, Osteria Mozza, Taco Maria, and Orsa and Winston, retained their stars from previous award seasons. Others were not so lucky. Among the restaurants that lost stars are Bistro Na’s, Pasjoli, Cut, Le Comptoir, and Rustic Canyon.

Here’s the full list of Michelin star wins and losses for greater Los Angeles, including Central Coast and Orange County, for 2022:


  • Hatchet Hall (one star)
  • Manzke (one star)
  • 715 (one star)
  • Camphor (one star)
  • Sushi Kaneyoshi (one star)
  • Citrin (one star)
  • Gwen (one star)
  • Caruso’s (one star, one green star)
  • The Restaurant at Justin (Paso Robles, CA) (one star, one green star)


  • Sushi I-Naba (moved to Torrance) (one star)
  • Kato (moved Downtown) (one star)
  • Shibumi (one star)
  • Phenakite (one star)
  • Q Sushi (one star)
  • Orsa and Winston (one star)
  • Kali (one star)
  • Maude (one star)
  • Osteria Mozza (one star, one green star)
  • Nozawa Bar (one star)
  • Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura (one star)
  • Morihiro (one star)
  • Pasta Bar (one star)
  • Shin Sushi (one star)
  • Taco Maria (one star)
  • Providence (two stars)
  • Mélisse (two stars)
  • Hayato (two stars)
  • N/Naka (two stars)
  • Sushi Ginza Onodera (two stars)
  • Knife Pleat (one star)
  • Hana Re (one star)
  • Sushi by Scratch Restaurants: Montecito (one star)
  • Bell’s (Los Alamos, CA) (one star)
  • Six Test Kitchen (Paso Robles, CA) (one star)


  • Bistro Na’s (previously one star)
  • Pasjoli (previously one star)
  • Cut (previously one star)
  • Le Comptoir (previously one star)
  • Mori Sushi (previously one star)
  • Rustic Canyon (previously one star)
  • Shunji (previously one star)
  • Vespertine (previously two stars)