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Two LA Restaurant Vets Team Up For Square Pizza Supremacy in Downtown

The incoming Pi LA offers unique flavors, crispy edges, and lots of retro LA love

An evening over a pizza on a cutting board with sides around.
Pi LA pizza.

Two known restaurant names are teaming up to bring even more pizza to Downtown Los Angeles soon. Chef Octavio Becerra — who spent years running various restaurants under the Patina umbrella, as well as the lauded Palate Food & Wine in Glendale — has partnered up with Fred Eric of the iconic Fred62 in Los Feliz to launch Pi LA in a very familiar space.

Stacked slices of square pan pizza on a white sheet of paper.

The new Pi LA takes over in the former Vito’s alleyway location in Downtown off 4th Street, around the corner from Bar Ama and Orsa & Winston. The previous tenant opened there in 2018 but did not survive the pandemic. Now, Eric and Becerra are promising unique takes on pan-style pies, including potato gratin, onion confit, and truffle white sauce options; confit chicken, pumpkin, and black mole pizzas; and a collaboration with Eight Korean BBW that includes pork belly, kimchi-spiked tomato sauce, and shaved Asian pear. Each Detroitish-style deep pan pizza, named for a classic car (think Impala, red corvette, etc.) hovers between $17 and $25.

These square pizzas should be no surprise to anyone who has stopped into Fred62 over the past two years, as Eric has been working to put his own spin on at-home Detroit-style pan pizzas for a while now. Several of the options available at Pi LA have previously shown up as takeout options over at Fred62; it’s just that now the whole thing is being coalesced into one idea, in one space.

On-site dining and pick-up is available for Pi LA at 124 W. 4th Street starting on Thursday, March 3, with hours from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. (closed Monday and Tuesday, to start). Expect extended hours and daily service starting in April. Pizza, meanwhile, continues to have endless runway in Los Angeles, as places like the new Pizzeria Sei continue to push the boundaries of what the city has to offer. From pop-ups turned restaurants like Quarter Sheets in Echo Park to the busy Little Coyote in Long Beach, it’s a great time to be eating ‘za in Los Angeles.

An evening look at shiny booths and marble countertops inside a new pizza restaurant.
Shiny booths and artwork.

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