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LA-Area Bakery Faces Multiple Lawsuits Over Employee COVID Deaths and Illness

Plus, LA’s bagel camaraderie, and Sunset Beer Co. is closing


A total of three lawsuits have been filed against a Vernon bakery and cafe recently, each relating to what plaintiffs say are issues of managerial indifference around health and safety protocols in the early days of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The plaintiffs blame Vie de France Yamazaki Inc. for employee deaths and long-term COVID-19 illnesses that they say directly stem from mismanagement of health and safety protocols on company property.

The original suit was filed by Ana Eveline Perez on March 25, reports KFI-640. Her suit alleges that she was obese and suffered from allergies and atherosclerosis, which put her at higher risk of death or severe illness from COVID-19 while working at the bakery. Her suit states that she contracted the disease while at work as a result of lax health and safety protocols, and now her entire family suffers from long COVID-19 symptoms.

Alex Hernandez and wife Gracie Hernandez separately filed a wrongful death suit against Vie de France, alleging that Alex Hernandez caught COVID-19 while at the bakery. Hernandez then went on to infect his stepdaughter, 42-year-old Valerie Esquivel, who died in April 2020, the suit alleges. On March 30, Vie de France Yamazaki mechanic Pascual Alvarado Hernandez’s widow Maria Martha Alvarado also filed a wrongful death suit, claiming that there were concerns that employees were coughing and clearly sick with a respiratory illness, but not being screened or sent home.

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