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The Most Anticipated LA Restaurant Openings to Know About in 2024

Food editors and experts discuss the places they’re most excited to see next year

The 10,000-square-foot Maydan Market will sit on the corner of West Jefferson Boulevard and Hillcrest Drive.
Maydan Market.
Maydan Market

Welcome to the Year in Eater 2023 — our annual tradition that looks back at the highs, lows, and in-betweens of Los Angeles’s restaurant scene. Today, LA’s finest food writers, editors, reporters, and a few select others with strong opinions share their most anticipated openings of 2023.

Brian Addison, founder, Longbeachize

For Long Beach, that has gotta be Sonoratown, Telefèric, Shor in Hawaiian Gardens looks promising, and seconding Mona for Dulan’s on Crenshaw.

Gary Baum, Senior Writer, The Hollywood Reporter

It’ll be interesting to see if Daniel Boulud can succeed in Beverly Hills in his partnership with a luxury hospitality firm where so many of his fine-dining peers (most recently Jean-Georges Vongerichten) have not.

Cathy Chaplin, Senior Editor, Eater LA

Sushi Nakazawa in Beverly Hills and Woon in Pasadena.

Virali Dave, food writer

I’m looking forward to the Hakka Hakka pop-ups from the Badmaash team and to seeing more Indian Chinese options in the city.

An evening look at the tilted frontage of a neon-lit pizza restaurant in grey, with the name Scarr’s Pizza.
Scarr’s Pizza.
Emma Orlow

Nicole Adlman, Cities Manager, Eater

Scarr’s Pizza would be worth the gluten hit if it opens on Melrose next year. (If anything, Scarr Pimentel’s dissatisfaction with Los Angeles pizza means he probably has the fire to bring something that doesn’t exist in the scene now.) Also on my radar: The mega market-meets-food hall trend bloomed in the Southland this year, so excited to see what Maydan Market brings to the table, too.

Farley Elliott, SoCal Bureau Chief, SFGate

Somni and Cafe Boulud will be big deals for the fine dining crowd, but I’m most excited about Rob Gentile’s upcoming Stella — plus Scarr’s Pizza.

Bill Esparza, contributor, Eater LA

I’m looking forward to the Maydan Market, and hopefully the return of Taco Maria.

Alison Herman, TV Critic, Variety

I’m skeptical of most New York transplants, but I can’t help anticipating the opening of Scarr’s Pizza at Melrose and Western, further cementing the intersection as the hottest restaurant block in LA.

Mona Holmes, Reporter, Eater LA

I am very much looking forward to seeing the re-opening of Dulan’s on Crenshaw. Greg Dulan gave me a tour of the unfinished property in November, and it is magnificent. Greg is incredibly passionate and one of LA’s most experienced restaurant owners. He put together his dream space at the original location that’s been open since 1999, which is already a go-to soul food spot in Los Angeles. It’s been under construction for too long! I’m ready for the full reveal.

Matthew Kang, Lead Editor, Eater LA

I’m excited for Jont and Maydan. Curious to see how D.C.’s dining culture will intersect with LA’s. I’m also stoked for Somni’s return at a new West Hollywood venue.

Evan Lovett, founder, L.A. in a Minute

Stella West Hollywood is very intriguing. Rob Gentile is a Toronto-bred chef who is committed to Los Angeles and I’m excited to see what he can do with Felix’s Janet Zuccarini. Felix has long been one of my favorite restaurants in LA, and with Zuccarini carrying that forward along with Gentile, they’ve piqued my interest. And you can’t have dinner without dessert, so if you’ve seen (or tasted) Heather Wong’s beautiful creations, Flouring LA is going to be a marvelous addition to Chinatown.

Joshua Lurie, founder,

Of the restaurants people have announced, I’m looking forward to enjoying fun comfort food at Bridgetown Roti near LACC, Mid East Tacos in Silver Lake, and Yi Cha in Highland Park.

Doubles, cod cakes, sauces, and beef patty from Bridgetown Roti at Smorgasburg laid out in takeout containers.
Cathy Chaplin