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After Seven Burglaries in Seven Months, Homestate Sherman Oaks Shifts to Cashless

Plus pandemic al fresco dining disappears from Long Beach, SoCal’s “Chicken Man” dies, and more

HomeState’s breakfast tacos, held open inside two hands in the sun.
Breakfast Tacos at HomeState
Wonho Frank Lee
Mona Holmes is a reporter for Eater Los Angeles and a regular contributor to KCRW radio. She has covered restaurants, dining, and food culture since 2016. In 2022, the James Beard Foundation nominated her for a Jonathan Gold Local Voice Award.

After the seventh break-in within seven months, breakfast taco specialist Homestate announced that it will no longer accept cash as payment, and only take credit or debit cards. The Homestate team made the announcement via Instagram concerning its San Fernando Valley location that opened last July.

Homestate expresses a lot of frustration in its Instagram post. In November, Culver City’s Pasta Sisters and Poncho’s Tlyayudas were also the victims of theft. Going cashless is a fairly common response to crime at restaurants. Los Angeles businesses have cited safety as a primary concern, while coffeehouses like Blue Bottle and Kumquat Coffee operate as cashless operations as a more efficient way to operate, though many see cashless as a barrier for some diners.

Homestate’s full post is below:

Al fresco dining areas are at risk in LA, but have already disappeared from Long Beach

Cities throughout California expanded and streamlined outdoor dining during COVID-19 which is now at risk throughout LA County. Over in Long Beach, city workers have already removed these parklet dining areas and structures. NBC-4 has the full story.

Local charcuterie board maker prepared 125 boards for the Grammy Awards

If tuning into the Grammy Awards last week, the stage adjacent tables and Last Supper-themed performance were filled with custom charcuterie boards. That effort came from Silverlake Socialite founder Lauren Delp, whose team assembled 125 boards in one week.

Cheese and charcuterie board from Silverlake Socialite in Silver Lake.
A cheese and charcuterie board from Silverlake Socialite.
Mona Holmes

A special obituary for the “Chicken Man”

Albert Okura — the man who assembled First Original McDonald’s Museum and restored a historic town on Route 66 in San Bernardino County, all while building the SoCal rotisserie chicken empire Juan Pollo — died this week at the age of 71. The New York Times penned the obituary.

Chinitos Tacos Cambodia to Lakewood journey

L.A. Taco profiled Chinitos Tacos, and it’s quite a story about a refugee family settling into the Southland.

A look at Chinatown via splashy travel magazine

It’s always fascinating to see how non-Angelenos view Los Angeles, let alone Chinatown. Conde Nast Traveler dove into the historic neighborhood for a glance at the culture and food.

Eagle Rock’s former Red Herring space transforms again

What a wild ride for the space that housed Garnachas & Bee in Eagle Rock (which was Red Herring before that). A sign was spotted identifying the next tenant: Atwater Village’s Viet Noodle Bar.