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4 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Los Angeles: January 12

Your handy guide on where to eat this Martin Luthar King weekend from the editors at Eater LA

Majordomo, Chinatown.
For an energetic room and all the bings: Majordomo.
Wonho Frank Lee

Every Friday our editors compile a trusty list of recommendations to answer the most pressing of questions: “Where should I eat?“ Here now are four places to check out this weekend in Los Angeles. And if you need some ideas on where to drink, here’s our list of the hottest places to get cocktails in town.

For a country-style breakfast in Manhattan Beach: the Kettle

For a country-style breakfast in Manhattan Beach: the Kettle.
For a country-style breakfast in Manhattan Beach: the Kettle.
Matthew Kang

Many diners in Southern California hew to the roadside, midcentury, or Googie style of design but the Kettle carries a kind of timeless, small-town country vibe that doesn’t seem to fit on its perch on the hill above Manhattan Beach’s shoreline. The Kettle remains beloved for its feel-good service and ample space across the dining room or wraparound patio. On recent visits, I discovered the awesomeness of crab cake Benedict, loaded with thick crab patties and covered with luscious hollandaise. The fluffy buttermilk pancakes are also worth ordering even with a $2 surcharge for a side of real maple syrup. Afterward, mosey down to the water to see the winter high surf (which might mean the pier will be closed) and take a stroll down the Strand. There are few better ways to soak in a sunny California winter day. 1138 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266. — Matthew Kang, lead editor

For day-to-night delights in Highland Park: Highly Likely

Pappardelle bolognese at Highly Likely Highland Park.
Pappardelle Bolognese at Highly Likely Highland Park.
Evan Robinson

When getting breakfast or lunch, a bright and airy room is required. Bonus points are added for a patio. Highland Park’s Highly Likely has both along with one of the city’s best coffee menus and an easy menu from chef-partner Kat Turner that includes scrambled eggs with crispy pita, bowls, salads, and sandwiches. If dining during evening hours, the dinner menu includes modern takes on fettuccine Alfredo, schnitzel, a hearty burger, and steak au poivre. The wine, beer, and cocktail list are also excellent, especially the refreshing and updated paloma. — Mona Holmes, reporter

For an energetic room and all the bings: Majordomo

Chicken hozon with bing at Majordomo
For an energetic room and all the bings: Majordomo.
Wonho Frank Lee

Long weekends were made for boisterous dinners set in energetic dining rooms and Majordomo fits the bill just right. The five-year-old restaurant on the edge of Chinatown is settling in well and continues to attract big crowds nightly for its playful menu of Korean California cooking from chef David Chang. From day one, the bings have been my favorite part of the menu. Served with dips and spreads of all stripes — the one with ricotta, jam, and chile crunch is seemingly simple but highly moreish — the fluffy warm flatbreads make for the perfect starter. Move on to the mushroom crispy rice, then the perfectly grilled Ibérico pork, before finishing the evening with a slice of pandan pie with a caramelized sugar topping. 1725 Naud Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. — Cathy Chaplin, senior editor

For a creative dinner in an Echo Park arcade: Poltergeist

A pink bowl filled with Thai Caesar salad at Poltergeist at Button Mash.
For a creative dinner in an Echo Park arcade: Poltergeist.
Cathy Chaplin

Dinner at Poltergeist is like walking into Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” episode but with a lot less techno-eternal life and much better food. Instead of fighting against the inherent kitsch that comes from operating inside of a retro arcade, Poltergeist leans into it, putting forward a menu that is absurd and experimental. Find dishes including a panang lamb neck served with saffron bao and a duck agnolotti special that looks like it was plated by Jackson Pollock. Plus, a towering Thai Caesar salad with puffed rice paper and a Parker house roll that resembles a morning bun. The option of skeeball after dinner, or another drink from Button Mash’s extensive tap and wine list also doesn’t hurt. 1391 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026. — Rebecca Roland, associate editor