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California's Barbacoa Trail

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Searching for Mixtec Barbacoa Along California’s Central Coast

In part two of California’s barbacoa trail, writer Bill Esparza makes a stop on the Central Coast for barbacoa scarcely seen outside of Oaxaca’s Mixtec region.

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California’s Barbacoa Trail

A slow-cooked journey through the Golden State to explore Mexico’s magnificent tradition of pit-roasted meat

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LA’s Barbacoa Masters Are Working for the Weekend

The first stop on California’s barbacoa trail is LA, where you can find more more regional styles of barbacoa crammed together than any place on earth

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Meet California’s Premier Shepherd, Butcher, and Master Barbacoyero

On the final stop of California’s barbacoa trail, meet Gonzalo Ramirez, the barbacoa purist of California’s central valley.

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A Quest for Ximbó, the Rarest of Barbacoa Dishes

The third stop on California’s barbacoa trail devolves into a near-hopeless quest for one elusive chicken.

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14 Places to Get Traditional Slow-Roasted Barbacoa in California

Follow California’s barbacoa trail from Los Angeles to the Central Coast to the Bay Area to find weekend servings of tender roast lamb, goat, and even chicken