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Gear Up For Eater's First-Ever Cheap Eats Week, a Glorious Celebration of Budget Dining

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Every day this week, burritos, tacos, street food, Thai food, and more.

Outside Barbecue Pit Stop, Silver Lake
Outside Barbecue Pit Stop, Silver Lake
Matthew Kang

Los Angeles is known for its incredible array of cuisines from around the world, and that rich diversity makes it possible to have the best Mexican, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food in the country. But it doesn't stop there, Los Angeles has been imbued with affordable dining from the get-go, at least according to To Live and Dine in L.A., which asserts that California's agricultural bounty made it possible to supply cheap food in the city since the early 1900s. So while L.A. has one of the most dynamic restaurant scenes in America, dirt-cheap bites are still plentiful in nearly every part of town.

All this week, Eater will throw up guides, maps, personal essays, and even red-hot news about cheap eats and their associated eateries. If you have any new cheap eats suggestions, hit the forums.

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