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Dining on a Dime

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Find a Rare Taste of Bosnian Pizza at This Orange County Strip Mall

Ervin Šabović and Adnan Silajdžić are introducing a little-known culinary pairing to Southern Californians at Sofra Urbana in Fountain Valley

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A 75-Year-Old Retired Nurse Cooks the Delightful Comforts of Soviet Armenian Food in Orange County

Karine Hajian brings homey Eastern European dishes to a small neighborhood deli in Los Alamitos

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This Downey Strip Mall Spot Serves LA’s Best New Mariscos, Full Stop

El Muelle 8 from Culiacán has opened a branch in Downey with barra fría and barra caliente specialties in a strip mall

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This LA Food Truck Serves Honduran Baleadas That Are Better Than Breakfast Burritos

La Troca Catracha is LA’s only Honduran food truck, operated by two seasoned restaurant cooks

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The ‘Thai Costco’ in Chinatown Serves a Slice of Bangkok Street Food in LA

The weekends-only food vendors at Lax-C peddle tom yum noodle soup, fried fish balls, coconut pancakes, and more

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This Canoga Park Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Serves the Best Puerto Rican Mofongos in LA

Tainos comes from a first-time restaurateur and seasoned Puerto Rican chef

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A Secret Compton Garage Serves LA’s Finest Mexican Pastries and Bread

With six different doughs and careful handmade preparations, Pan Estilo Copala serves terrific, affordable loaves of joy

The South Bay’s Best Pastrami Sandwich Hides in a Torrance Strip Mall

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There’s Never Enough Griddled, Golden Brown Cheese at This Whittier Taco Spot

Tacos y Que finally opened in August 2022 after overcoming numerous setbacks

A Little Saigon Restaurant Stands Out in the Most Crowded Pho Market in America

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Get a Taste of Smoky, Caramelized Vegan Shawarma at This Roving LA Food Stand

Nomiis is a family-run pop-up serving meatless takes on traditional Lebanese dishes

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Meet the Mother and Four Sons Behind the Thai Town Noodle Stand That’s Trending on TikTok

Launched in late 2020, Rad Nah Silom serves just eight traditional Thai dishes nightly

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California’s Only Mexican Spit-Roasted Goat Is Hidden Away at a Tire Store

A wife-and-husband duo serve cabrito al pastor deep in San Bernardino County

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This Syrian Street Food Pop-Up Brings All the Angelenos to the Yard, Literally

Nawal serves Syrian comfort foods through a Circassian lens in Solano Canyon

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Fresh Oysters Get the Grilled Clams Casino Treatment at This Father-Son Pop-Up

Luscious toppings meet Fanny Bay oysters at the weekends-only Red’s King Oyster Bar in La Puente

In Long Beach, a Love Letter in the Form of Cambodian Chicken Wings

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People Are Lining Up in the Valley for This Savory Israeli Pastry That Sells Out Daily

Borekas, a brand new Sherman Oaks takeout window, is drawing raves for its brown-butter bourkeas

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Stingray Soup and TikTok Hype Bring Massive Crowds to this Mexican Seafood Truck

It’s all about Sonoran-style caguamanta and over-the-top molcajetes at Mariscos Odaly in Fontana

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Meet the Aerospace Mechanic Hosting the Best Oaxacan House Party in the Southland

Cenaduría Oaxaqueña Donají is packed every Friday and Saturday night — here’s why

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Take a Deep Dive Into the Wild Toppings of Brazilian Pizza

Sampa’s Gourmet Pizza Co. in Lomita and Marina del Rey load everything from chicken with corn to ham with boiled eggs

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A Killer Orange County Breakfast Burrito Hides at Home Depot

LJ’s Lil Cafe in Cypress is turning out cheesy, crispy, spicy meals for workers and anyone in the know

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LA’s Best Tacos de Cabeza Return to Compton

Taquero Carlos Pardo cooks these mindblowing regional steamed tacos just twice a month on Sundays

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Ventura’s Caribbean Haven Is a Jerk Chicken Force to Be Reckoned With

Five years and one pandemic later, a former seed scientist prepares to grow his Guyanese-leaning restaurant Caribbean Haven to big new heights

LA’s New Hidden Burger Spot Grills Right on a Public Golf Course

In Anaheim, Beba’s Puts Bolivian Comfort Food on the Map

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Orange County Now Has its Own King of Ximbó, the Legendary Chicken Barbacoa of Hidalgo

Los Reyes del Ximbó steams ahead with a new generation of barbacoa in Santa Ana

Egyptian Street Snacks Rule at This Underground Reseda Pop-Up

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This Tiny Koreatown Restaurant Is a Gold Mine of Regional Oaxacan Dishes

Sierra Norte dishes like caldo de costilla with tamales de frijol and pozontle, plus readymade Oaxacan cuisine, all at very reasonable prices

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This 76-Year-Old Indigenous Cook Makes LA’s Best Oaxacan Food From Her Mid-City Home

Dishes from Valles Centrales like empanadas de amarillo, menudo, and estofado verde star at this once-a-week kitchen

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This Koreatown Brazilian Steakhouse Is One of LA’s Best Meat Deals

The quiet, small W Steakhouse is serving up great value — and even better Brazilian meat

A World of Fried Chicken Awaits in an Ontario Strip Mall

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Behold the Power of Jambalaya at Montebello’s New Creole Food Destination

Keiven Cross brings over ten years of operations and kitchen experience to his new Montebello food stand