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Dining on a Dime

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The Valley’s Colombian Street Food Star Does Fresh Arepas and Saucy Hot Dogs

Vivi’s Gourmet Cuisine makes difficult-to-find Colombian street fare in the 818

Lesser-Known Armenian Dishes Get the Spotlight at This Glendale Strip Mall Find

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Homey Guatemalan Comfort Food Hides in a Tiny East Hollywood Strip Mall Space

Monica Ramos is living her dream of cooking Guatemalan street food, barbecue, and stews

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Orange County’s Best Sandwiches Hide in a Strip Mall Butcher Shop

Mario Llamas cures his own meats and pulls from a lifetime of culinary travel at his namesake storefront in Newport Beach

The Wild Journey Behind Gorilla Pies, LA’s Only ‘Pittsburgh-Style’ Pizza Joint

Burrito Break Supplies Tasty Convenience With $2 Breakfast Burritos in Downtown LA

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Valeu Espetos Delivers Little Brazilian Skewers With Big Flavor in Montrose

Husband and wife team Tony Park and Joyce Kim bring a slice of Sao Paulo late-night eating to LA

At Inglewood’s Sunday Gravy, the Special Sauce Is All About Family

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This Former Compton Beauty Queen Is Now the Master of Funnel Cakes

At Fun Diggity, opened long before the recent surge of home pop-ups, Cheyenne Brown serves the cheery dessert to the neighborhood

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Soulful Beef Barbacoa Is the Only Thing On the Menu at this San Fernando Valley Taco Spot

Taquero Ian Leyva’s Barbacoa Estilo Chihuahua brings a taste of northern Mexico to Los Angeles

LA’s New Falafel Stand Is a One-Man Masterpiece That Hails From Iraq

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One of California’s Best New Restaurants Smokes Meat in a Simi Valley Garage

Pandemic-era underground pop-up Zef BBQ is doing some of the most delicious and inventive food right now, just 40 minutes from Hollywood

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How Indigenous Taqueros From Oaxaca Made LA the Capital for CDMX-Style Al Pastor

Mixe taqueros have been a huge reason why LA has such great al pastor tacos

This Mazatlán-Style Chorreada Is a Beacon for Late Night Carne Asada Fans

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How a Cult Classic Korean Filmmaker Opened Koreatown’s Quirkiest Fried Chicken Shop

Director Gol Tong’s one-man operation is a delight for fried chicken and Korean cinema fans

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San Gabriel Valley’s Secret Backyard Burger Spot Honors LA’s Fast-Food Scene

Yellow Paper Burger in Monterey Park, from two longtime restaurant vets, is a new play on the comforting classic

This New Seafood Burrito Truck Comes From Puerto Vallarta Food Royalty

Scotch Bonnet Peppers and Indian Spices Amp Up This Trinidadian Truck’s Street Fare

Rojo’s Hot Chicken Kicks Up Southern Comfort Dishes With Mexican Flavors in Anaheim

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This Weekend-Only Stand Serves El Salvador’s Beloved Street Sandwiches

Vernon’s Tortas Hula Hula offers a variety of specialities little-seen outside of Central America

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Standout Sri Lankan Food Hides in Plain Sight at This San Fernando Valley Corner Store

Baja Subs advertises itself as a Mexican grill and corner store, but it also serves flavor-packed Sri Lankan dishes

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LA’s Only Restaurant Dedicated to Garifuna Cuisine Will Open Soon in Exposition Park

With 100,000 who call themselves Garifuna in LA, diners will find a link to this indigenous cuisine with influences from Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America

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Highland Park’s New Street Food Obsession Has People Waiting Hours for Spicy Noodles

How one noodle-pulling cook is drawing hundreds of new fans a week

Traditional Mongolian Food Shines at This Hidden Torrance Sushi Restaurant

Seoul’s Revered Knife-Cut Noodle Soup Shop Opens a Restaurant in Los Angeles

These LA Rogue Pizza Makers Rove Around With Mobile Wood-Fired Ovens

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Glendale’s Steaming Hot Herb-Filled Flatbreads Are a Rare Armenian Specialty

Zhengyalov Hatz combines 15 types of greens and herbs in supple, griddled wonders

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Alhambra’s Xiang La Hui Serves Sichuan Food, All Grown Up

This San Gabriel Valley newcomer favors flavor and fragrance over numbing heat

A Bahian Caterer Serves Up the Flavorful Delights of Afro-Brazilian Food in Palms

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Importing Mexican Iguana Is Illegal, But This LA Restaurant Serves the Oaxacan Delicacy

Koreatown restaurant Sabores Oaxaqueños serves iguana in two ways

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Pho Ga District’s Chicken Pho Dazzles With Age-Old Family Recipe

When 63-year-old Phan Tran’s Hai Phong-style bowl is ready after five painstakingly long hours, the lunchtime crowd files in

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Yang’s Kitchen Is Redefining Chinese Cooking in the San Gabriel Valley 

Alhambra’s new Chinese restaurant features whole grains and traceable ingredients