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Why Dry-Aged Fish Is Everything Everywhere All at Once in LA

From the Joint to Providence, LA markets and restaurants are leaning into dry-aged fish and ditching the old ways of thinking about fresh seafood

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Inside the Clandestine, Milk-Fueled Ranch Parties of Southern California

A pastime of rural Mexico, a new generation of Mexican Americans is embracing pajaretes and starting the day with boozy, caffeinated, and sweetened fresh milk

Brisket and Beef Ribs Turn Heads at This New Long Beach BBQ Spot

Ggiata’s West Hollywood Italian Deli Is a Love Letter to All Things New Jersey

Famous Neapolitan L’Antica Pizzeria Debuts Big New Santa Barbara Restaurant

A Little Saigon Restaurant Stands Out in the Most Crowded Pho Market in America

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As Avian Flu Cases Soar, LA Sandwich Shops Are Going Cold Turkey

A nationwide turkey shortage is affecting sandwich shops and butcher counters across Los Angeles

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Get a Taste of Smoky, Caramelized Vegan Shawarma at This Roving LA Food Stand

Nomiis is a family-run pop-up serving meatless takes on traditional Lebanese dishes

This Long Beach Pizzeria With a Penchant for Horror Serves Ghoulishly Good Pies

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Meet the Mother and Four Sons Behind the Thai Town Noodle Stand That’s Trending on TikTok

Launched in late 2020, Rad Nah Silom serves just eight traditional Thai dishes nightly

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This Laid-Back Chinese Teahouse Is Pouring Some of LA’s Most Exciting Cocktails

Steep After Dark brings tea-infused spirits, savory cocktails, and Asian bar bites to Chinatown

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California’s Only Mexican Spit-Roasted Goat Is Hidden Away at a Tire Store

A wife-and-husband duo serve cabrito al pastor deep in San Bernardino County

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This Cafe Tucked Inside a Chino Hills Mandir Is a Portal to India in Southern California

Shayona Cafe serves a taste of home for many people of Indian descent, and a taste of India for those who have never been there

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Down by the LA River, a Boozy Fermentation Hub Is Bubbling Up

A growing roster of small-batch alcohol producers is creating a destination for imbibers that revitalizes the area’s little-known past

In Orange County, a Ritz-Carlton Chef Reimagines the Indian Wedding Spread

How LA ‘Top Chef’ Contestants Have Fared Since Their Seasons Aired

The Silver Lake Sandwich Sensation Serving LA’s New Favorite Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

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In Orange County, an Immersive Museum Restaurant From Two Culinary Heavyweights

Find a mostly vegetarian menu with an emphasis on fermentation at Verdant

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This Syrian Street Food Pop-Up Brings All the Angelenos to the Yard, Literally

Nawal serves Syrian comfort foods through a Circassian lens in Solano Canyon

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The Nuance of Nikkei: Why Los Angeles Is the Epicenter of Japanese American Cooking

Experience LA’s Nikkei moment at these four phenomenal restaurants

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The Culinary Bromance Lighting Up Orange County’s Restaurant Scene

Chefs and longtime friends Ross Pangilinan and Nick Weber join forces at South Coast Plaza and the forthcoming restaurant at OCMA

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The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Antojitos in Los Angeles

Chalupas, elotes, enchiladas, and so many more ‘little whims’

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Fresh Oysters Get the Grilled Clams Casino Treatment at This Father-Son Pop-Up

Luscious toppings meet Fanny Bay oysters at the weekends-only Red’s King Oyster Bar in La Puente

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People Are Lining Up in the Valley for This Savory Israeli Pastry That Sells Out Daily

Borekas, a brand new Sherman Oaks takeout window, is drawing raves for its brown-butter bourkeas

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Discover the Hidden Charms of This 100-Year-Old Diner in Sierra Madre

Mary’s Market has been a fixture of the sleepy canyon community for a century

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Stingray Soup and TikTok Hype Bring Massive Crowds to this Mexican Seafood Truck

It’s all about Sonoran-style caguamanta and over-the-top molcajetes at Mariscos Odaly in Fontana

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An Experimental Chef’s Table Hides Inside an Orange County Strip Mall

The funky, semi-underground Bello Chef’s Table is turning heads well beyond Newport Beach

How Providence’s Pre-Dinner Meeting Is the Key to Its 17-Year Dominance in Los Angeles

Before each customer walks through the front door, this crucial 5 p.m. meeting is why Providence reservations are at capacity every night

This Woman Feeds Thousands a Day at Orange County’s Best Beaches

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Meet the Aerospace Mechanic Hosting the Best Oaxacan House Party in the Southland

Cenaduría Oaxaqueña Donají is packed every Friday and Saturday night — here’s why

A Beloved Levantine Restaurant Expands Its Foothold in Long Beach

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How Los Angeles’s Koreatown Cafes Are Keeping the K-Pop Fandom Alive

K-pop fans are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and comebacks at cup sleeve events