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Restaurant Workers Sound Off On the Difficulty of LA’s Second Shutdown

Popular Taiwanese Breakfast Pop-Up Eyes Permanent Roots in Chinatown

‘Another Punch in the Face’: LA Restaurant Operators Struggle to Survive as Second Lockdown Looms

One of OC’s Only Remaining Black-Owned Restaurants Serves Smoked Meats to Sun-Soaked Huntington Beach

Acclaimed Chef Carlos Salgado Isn’t Ready to Open Taco Maria Anytime Soon

Earle’s Owner on Why Current LA Protests Are ‘Completely Different’ From 1992

Two Months In, All Day Baby in Silver Lake Sells Hundreds of Biscuits

The team behind Silver Lake’s white-hot diner discuss early wins and challenges and the future of all-day hours

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Seven Months in at Antico, Where Chad Colby Finds Comfort and Ease in Service

Antico’s founder shares his philosophy around service and the little touches that makes this restaurant a success

This Promising Young Chef Thinks LA’s Restaurant Scene Is Skewed Against Creative Cooks

How Great Word of Mouth Kept Ronan Afloat During Its Challenging First Year

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LA’s Most Exciting New Tasting Menu Comes From Eric Bost’s Michelin Star Pedigree

The Auburn chef talks to Eater about how he almost opened in Champagne, but chose LA instead

Here Is What it’s Really Like to Run an LA Restaurant Inside a Museum

Minh Phan Opened LA’s Best Neighborhood Restaurant With an Incredible Chicken Porridge

Angler Chef Joshua Skenes’ Unending Drive for Pure, Uncomplicated Dishes

Aitor Zabala Believes LA Can Play on the International Culinary Stage

One Month In at Burgers Never Say Die, the Lines Have Changed But the Food Hasn’t

The Apple Pan’s New Owners Promise to Preserve the Restaurant’s Storied Legacy

Bavel Was the Most Successful LA Restaurant Opening of 2018

One Month In, Mei Lin Lost Her Voice But Sells Tons of Mapo Tofu Lasagna Each Night

Timothy Hollingsworth Talks About His Time on ‘The Final Table,’ Netflix’s Big Cooking Competition

This Retiree Might Be Southern California’s Foremost Chinese Food Historian

Reclusive In-N-Out Heiress Talks Alcoholism, Growth, and Selling the Company

Inside the Restaurant Group That’s Quietly Changing LA’s Dining Landscape

LA’s Famous Cat & Fiddle Will Become an Enchanted Hollywood Garden Again

Amy Scattergood Is LA’s Secret Food Media Gatekeeper

Joan McNamara Is the Badass Behind West Third Street's Renaissance

Baohaus’s Eddie Huang Proclaims LA's Dominance Over NYC

Andy Ricker's Pok Pok LA Dream Isn't Over Yet

LA's Oldest Barbecue Restaurant Isn't Stuck in Time

The Authors of 'Koreatown: A Cookbook' on LA's Great Korean Food Scene

Neal and Amy Knoll Fraser on Redbird's First Year in Downtown

Why Capitol Burgers Has Been a Community Beacon for Half a Century