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LA Restaurant News

Redemption at the Row: Chris Bianco’s Triumphant, Pizza-Fueled Return to LA

Finally, an Update on the Old Zinque Space at Abbot Kinney and Venice

First Lady Jill Biden Visited Homegirl Cafe During Her Second Official LA Visit

New Santa Monica Parklet Fees Hit Restaurants With Steep and Confusing Charges

New Orleans Fried Chicken Hero Willie Mae’s Opens for Delivery Tomorrow in LA

Venice’s New Nonalcoholic Bottle Shop Is Creating Space for Sober-Curious Drinkers

Why Smorgasburg Vendors Showed Up on the Hottest Day of the Year

California Lawmakers Approve Fast Food Labor Council to Increase Worker Wages and Safety

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All Day Baby Overhauls Dinner Service With a Vietnamese-Inspired Menu

Tet-a-Tet draws inspiration from owner Lien Ta and chef Jonathan Whitener’s shared roots

Shunned NYC Restaurateur Ken Friedman Quietly Worked to Bring LA Hotspot Horses to Life

Is Santa Monica’s Main Street Suddenly the Coolest Place to Eat in LA?

5 Hot New Orange County Restaurants to Know About

Did Starbucks Really Close 6 LA Locations Because It Was Concerned About Worker Safety?

Mariscos Jalisco Declines to Participate in MAD Event Due to Inadequate Compensation

West Hollywood and Palm Springs Extend Last Call for Alcohol to 4 A.M.

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On Dunsmoor’s Opening Night, Community Activists Protesting Gentrification Showed Up at the Door

Demonstators say that chef Brian Dunsmoor’s restaurant is "harmful" for longtime Glassell Park residents

Los Angeles Birria Legend Silverio Moreno Has Died at Age 73

If COVID-19 Cases Rise, LA Could Return to Indoor Masking This Month

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills Has New Ownership for the First Time in 44 Years

It Could Soon Be Legal to Sell Cannabis Products at LA Farmers Markets

Two Westside Restaurant Powerhouses Join Forces in Shared All-Day Spot in NYC

Disneyland Fans Will Be Flocking to Dumpling Star Din Tai Fung Soon

Dancers Strike Over Poor Working Conditions at Popular LA Strip Club Dive Bar

California Senate Advances Bill to Streamline Permit Process for Street Vendors

LA’s Biggest Grocery Stores Avoid Worker Strike With New Union Contract

Afters Ice Cream Founder Andy Nguyen Launches NFT-Backed Restaurant Group

Here’s the Entire Food Lineup for Coachella 2022

West Hollywood’s Cannabis Consumption Lounges Are Making a Comeback

Native Chef Pyet DeSpain Wants to Take Indigenous Cooking to the Next Level

LA Poised to Remove Indoor Mask Mandate for Restaurants Starting Friday

Curtis Stone’s Michelin-Starred Tasting Menu Restaurant Maude Is Back in Action

Study Shows That LA’s Fast Food Workers Run a Higher Risk of Contracting COVID-19