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ICYMI, It’s Hot Focaccia Sandwich Summer in Los Angeles

Giant slabs of crusty Italian bread have become the must-enjoy meal of this weird, wild summer in LA — and more is on the way

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Mar Vista Is the Westside’s Hottest Dining Destination Right Now

The Westside area has transformed from a drive-through neighborhood to dining destination

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These Flaky Spiral Croissants Come From a Trailblazing Persian Baker in Pasadena

Delight Pastry’s Lily Azar took on the spiral croissant trend, but there’s more to know about this influential baker and her past in Iran

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The Courage Effect: How One Boundary-Busting Shop Changed LA’s Bagel Scene Forever

Sourdough influences, farmers market toppings, and open-faced presentations are the core traits of an LA-style bagel

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Spanish Food Is Suddenly LA’s Hottest Cuisine

A wave of new Spanish restaurants is helping to reconfigure the region’s dining scene, one jamón slice at a time

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Is Santa Monica’s Main Street Suddenly the Coolest Place to Eat in LA?

The formerly sleepy, walkable street steps from the Pacific is having a real dining moment