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SGV Food News

Chengdu Lao Zao Heats Up San Gabriel, CremeBee Cools Alhambra, and More From SGV

He's Kitchen Replaces Ramen Fujisan, Grand Central Cafe Loves Hainan Chicken

Szechuan Impression Gets a Patio; Alhambra Lands Langzhou Ramen

Old Shanghai Kitchen Brings Alternative to Sichuan, One Plus One Opens HK Cafe

Jiangzhe-Style Chinese Truck Hits USC, JJ Bakery and Cafe Opening in Temple City

Pan-Chinese Moonlight Bar Replaces Beloved Bahooka in Rosemead

Gottsui Monterey Park Closes While Dongbei Cuisine Rises in the SGV

Supreme Dragon Owners Absolutely Demolish Staff in Yelp Closure Announcement

Kaiooramen Brings Peak Ramen to SGV, PappaRich To Reopen in Monterey Park

Hip Hot To Serve Sichuan Spicy Crab Pots, BBQ Power Dishes Squid Skewers

Jiouding Hot Pot Replaces Geriatric Manna, Henry's Serves More Cantonese Cafe Fare

Eight Reasons Why SGV is America's Chinese Food Mecca

Sample Three Distinct Styles of Cuisine at Arcadia's China Red

Mama Lu #3 Rises from the Dead; Original Shau May Returns to SGV

Guppy House Joins 85 Degrees in Pasadena, Bull Demon Rosemead Grand Opens Thursday

The Essential Dishes From Fang's Kitchen